The postgraduate Program in Production and Manufacturing Engineering (PPGEPM) has as main objective of training of masters capable of acting in the professional and academic field such as: industries, research institutes and universities.
The areas of production engineering and manufacturing engineering have an interesting complementarity and play a central role in production processes and decision support systems. While production engineering is dedicated mainly to the planning, optimization, decision support, design and management of socio-technical systems, manufacturing engineering deals with manufacturing techniques, evaluation and design of materials, products and tools, including materials characterization. Both areas professionals have solid training in the core disciplines of exact sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computational Methods and Materials Science) and a wide range of specific disciplines of engineering.

The School of Applied Sciences (FCA) at Unicamp pioneered the integration of the areas of production engineering and manufacturing, with the creation of their undergraduate courses in 2009. More recently, the synergy between these areas began to be exploited also in graduate school. Since the beginning of 2016, the Graduate Program in Operations Research (academic master mode), created in 2013, had its scope expanded and was renamed the postgraduate Program in Production and Manufacturing Engineering (PPGEPM). This change created a fertile environment in which students and faculties have the opportunity to develop research in areas ranging from mathematical modeling to design of new materials and their characterization.

The concentration areas of PPGEPM are aligned with the production and manufacturing engineering areas. In the "Operational Research and Process Management (POGP)" area, the issues addressed include optimization methods, information systems and decision support, and processes in production and logistics. On the other hand, in the "Advanced Materials Manufacturing (MMA)" area, the focus lies in the material sciences, particularly in advanced studies of properties and characterization of materials, both as laboratory pathways as through computer simulation, and manufacturing processes.


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