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adrian souzaProf. Adriana de Souza Torsoni, PhD. (Biologist) | Lattes | adriana.torsoni@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Epigenetic mechanisms of Metabolism Modulation

Metabolic programming, epigenetic changes and tissue regeneration in offspring of obese and/or diabetic females.


adriane elisabeteProf. Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Morais, PhD. (Nutritionist) | Lattes | adriane.antunes@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Development of functional products

Application of probiotics and prebiotics in developing functional foods and health effects. Food safety, healthiness and shelf life study.


alcides joseProf. Alcides José Scaglia, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | alcides.scaglia@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Pedagogy of sports training

Study, development and pedagogical evaluation of teaching methodologies, learning and training in individual and team sports. Development of applied studies and research on play, and their complex adaptative implications. Systemic organizational process of collective games of invasion and the integrated training/improvement sports curriculum.

ana paula badanProf. Ana Paula Badan Ribeiro, PhD.  (Food Engineering) | Lattes | ana.badan@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Science and Technology of Lipids

Chemical study and characterization of different lipid sources. Instrumental analysis applied to lipids. Modifying of lipid bases by structuring agents. Crystallization of lipids. Modification of oils and fats by chemical and enzymatic interesterification. Development of functional lipids, zero trans-fat and low sat.

Andrea EstevesProf. Andrea Maculano Esteves, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | andrea.esteves@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Exercise and sleep patterns and sleep disturbances in experimental models and humans.

Evaluation of the physiological and molecular mechanisms involved in the relationship of physical exercise in sleep patterns and sleep disorders, and the influence of biological rhythms in training and/or sporting performance of the athlete.

Augusto LuchessiProf. Augusto Ducati Luchessi, PhD.  (Pharmacist) | Lattes | augusto.luchessi@fca.unicamp.br

Area of Interest: mechanisms involved in translational control in eukaryotic cells

Study of the mechanisms involved in translational control in eukaryotic cells using molecular biology techniques and Cell; Biotechnological development projects applied to health and the environment.


caroline capitaniProf. Caroline Dário Capitani, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | caroline.capitani@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Foods with Functional Properties and Nutritional Supplements

Study of the functional properties of food and food subproducts. Assessment of the effects of consumption of these products in biomarkers associated with obesity. Dietary supplements effect evaluation on the performance of athletes.

claudio gobattoProf. Cláudio Alexandre Gobatto, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | claudio.gobatto@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Exercise Physiology, Physiological Evaluation and Physical Training applied to human and animal models



Dennis CintraProf. Dennys Esper Correa Cintra, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | dennys.cintra@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Nutritional genomics

To investigate the positive and negative genomic interference exerted by nutrients, with emphasis on saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and its impact on chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). List of nutrients with signal transduction mechanism in inflammatory phenomena, reticular, oxidative and apoptosis stress, present in the NCD.

eduardo ropelleProf. Eduardo Rochete Ropelle, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | eduardo.ropelle@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: The effects of exercise on the molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance / Molecular mechanisms in the induction of hypertrophy and muscle atrophy / Effects of physical exercise in the central nervous system

To investigate the effects of exercise on metabolism. The main targets of research are the intracellular mechanisms involved in insulin resistance, hunger control and thermogenesis and on muscle atrophy and hypertrophy.

fernando simabucoFernando Moreira Simabuco, PhD.  (Biologist) | Lattes | fernando.simabuco@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Molecular mechanisms of cell growth

To analyze the molecular and cellular effects of the kinase protein family also known as S6Ks, effectors of mTOR pathway. Emphasis on the biochemical study of the different isoforms of S6Ks, the cellular role of these proteins in the regulation of spending /storage energy and its functions in the metabolic control of the body, in addition to studying the role of these kinases in cancer.

fulviaProf. Fúlvia de Barros Manchado Gobatto, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | fulvia.gobatto@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Physiological assessments and physical and sports training applied to experimental and human models


Hosana RodriguesProf. Hosana Gomes Rodrigues, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | hosana.rodrigues@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Tissue repair in diabetics and the influence of nutrients in the resolution of this process

Study of the effects of certain nutrients in tissue repair, evaluating the crosstalk between the immune system and the nervous system, in conditions such as diabetes.

jose pauliProf. José Rodrigo Pauli, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | jose.pauli@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Physiology and Molecular Biology of Exercise

Understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in the etiology and pathophysiology of non-transmissible endocrine and metabolic diseases. For such, it uses molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology resources in experimental and clinical studies. In this regard, the studies focus on research on the role of physical exercise on molecular mechanisms of health promotion and disease prevention, aiming at their clinical application in improving the population's quality of life.

leandro mouraProf.  Leandro Pereira de Moura, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | leandro.moura@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: To investigate the molecular pathways that affect the energy metabolism in experimental models and humans and the performance of high-performance athletes.

To investigate molecular pathways already known and explore new mechanisms that may have influence on energy homeostasis. To investigate the role of exercise in modulating these pathways in both healthy and pathological conditions. To investigate molecular pathways in high-performance athletes’ bodies.

luciano mercadanteProf. Luciano Alegretti Mercadante, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional and Chemical Engineer) | Lattes | luciano.mercadante@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Biomechanics applied to sport

Research in biomechanics based on the development of methods and instrumentation, with applications in high-performance sports, sports rehabilitation and motor learning. Analysis associating the mechanical variables of movement to the neuromuscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, in situations of competition and training.

marcianeProf. Marciane Milanski, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | marciane.milanski@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Nutrients and immunomodulation

To study and understand the molecular mechanisms that lead to the activation of the inflammatory response in the hypothalamus, particularly in response to ingestion of a high fat and hyperlipidemic diets, as well as to study lipid metabolism in peripheral tissues that are important for energy homeostasis.

marcio torsoniProf. Márcio Alberto Torsoni (Biologist) | Lattes | marcio.torsoni@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Central control of the Energy Metabolism; Metabolic imprinting

Study of the effects of maternal intake of high fat diet in fetal programming and the development of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes in the obese offspring of mothers.

maria fusaroProf. Maria Cláudia Gonçalves de Oliveira Fusaro, PhD.  (Physical Therapist) | Lattes | maria.fusaro@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Pain and Inflammation

Study of the neurobiological mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of pain and inflammation in the subcutaneous, muscle and joint tissues. The effect of physical activity, drugs and endogenous compounds, especially the ATP and purinergic receptors in inflammatory pain.

mauricioProf. Mauricio Ariel Rostagno, PhD.  (Agronomist) | Lattes | mauricio.rostagno@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Extraction, purification and analysis of bioactive compounds in food

Development of integrated extraction systems, purification and analysis using new technologies such as pressurized liquid extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction, liquid chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography. Production of bioactive extracts concentrated from vegetable products.  Analysis of bioactive compounds by means of chromatographic techniques.

milton misutaProf. Milton Shoiti Misuta, PhD.  (Physical Education Professional) | Lattes | milton.misuta@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Biomechanics Applied to Individual and Collective Modalities and Rehabilitation

To investigate and study human movement considering the methodological and applied aspects of Biomechanics, the sporting context, rehabilitation, ergonomics, among others. To develop and implement methods and recording techniques based on image processing and computer vision. To study and develop models and methods of analysis from data obtained in competitive situations, training and laboratory.

patricia pradaProf.  Patrícia de Oliveira Prada, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | patricia.prada@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Energy Metabolism, Nutrition and Intestinal microbiota

To investigate the action and signaling of hormones and nutrients in the control of hunger and energy expenditure; investigate molecular mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes mellitus; study translational nutrition; investigate the regulation of intestinal microbiota in the context of health and disease.

patricia ferrazPatrícia Lopes de Campos Ferraz, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | patricia.ferraz@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Amino Acid Supplementation, intermediary metabolism and performance in animal and human models

Amino acids supplementation such as creatine, branched chain amino acids, aspartate and asparagine, are widely used in athletes and physical activity practitioners. Our research focuses on the investigation of the likely effects of these supplements on glucose uptake, buffering effects, inflammation and muscle mass, both in animal and human models.

rosangela bezerraProf. Rosângela Maria Neves Bezerra, PhD.  (Nutritionist) | Lattes | rosangela.bezerra@fca.unicamp.br

Areas of interest: Functional Foods in animal models of oxidative stress

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