Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism Science - Application Process


The selection process of the Graduate Program in Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism Science occurs annually in November and December.

The Call Notices are posted on this site.

Former application processes:

 1st Semester / 2019 - DOCTORATE | MASTER'S

 1st Semester / 2018 - DOCTORATE | MASTER'S

1st Semester / 2017 - MASTER'S

• 1st Semester / 2016 - DOCTORATE | MASTER'S

• 2nd Semester / 2015 - POST-DOCTORATE |

• 1st Semester / 2015 - POST-DOCTORATE | DOCTORATE | MASTER'S

• 1st Semester / 2014 - POST-DOCTORATE | DOCTORATE | MASTER'S

• 2nd Semester / 2013 - Only for Doctoral candidates

•  1st Semester / 2013

•  2nd Semester / 2012

•  1st Semester / 2012

•  2nd Semester / 2011


Those interested in attending courses offered by the CNEM Graduate Program and who are not regularly enrolled in the program, may request enrollment in disciplines as a SPECIAL STUDENT.

The requests are internally processed at the unit (FCA) and, if accepted, the SPECIAL STUDENT will be notified by email.

To enroll in courses at the FCA Graduate programs as a SPECIAL STUDENT, the applicant must:

1. Consult the Graduate Program catalog for the course schedules of each program;

2. Fill out and print the Special Student Registration Form;

3. Deliver Special Student Application Form in periods of pre-registration as indicated below, the Academic Area of the FCA;

4. After pre-registration, students will be informed via email and, if authorized, should take the form to the Academic Area at FCA and deliver it to the Academic Board (DAC), during the special student enrollment periods and prescribed time during hours of Service.


Pre-registration to take courses in the 1st semester: until 08/02

Pre-registration to take courses in the 2nd semester: until 17/07

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