The syllabus of the Administration course is in line with the best courses, with pedagogical innovations developed and incorporated, based on international visits to the best schools in the world.



Awarded degree: Bachelor of Administration
Duration: minimum of 8 semesters; maximum of 12 semesters

In Unicamp’s Administration, students are dedicated to the study and practice of aspects related to the creation, diagnosis, planning and execution of activities in profit and non-profit organizations and also from different sectors of the economy, from an ethical and interdisciplinary perspective. 

The course has an interdisciplinary basis, as it starts from the understanding that interaction with the real world is not accomplished by disciplinary manner, through the understanding and application of concepts derived from pure areas of knowledge. Thus, to form a professional in the entirety, the Administration course has classes that dialogue in the perspective of developing critical thinking about the reality of the contemporary world. To strengthen this view, the course has a Common General Nucleus (NGC), which covers various classes in the area of human and social sciences.

The Administration course has been designed to provide knowledge and to develop skills and attitudes consistent with a constantly changing business environment. To this end, students are dedicated to the study of operational and strategic aspects related to the analysis, planning and implementation of actions in various types of organizations, with an innovative and entrepreneurial perspective in their relationship with the market and with society.

The Work of the Professional

The professional graduated in Administration will be able to develop strategic and entrepreneurial work in the different sectors of the economy. For that, the student will have managerial and critical skills and a systemic view of market dynamics, which will allow them to assess the role of organizations and their impacts on the environment, development and society. The generalist training will give the students the freedom to organize their training focusing on their career interests, with the possibility of setting up the syllabus based on available elective classes (in international trade, entrepreneurship, projects, finance, sustainability, marketing, agribusiness, innovation areas and others as well), ensuring flexibility and adaptability in a changing world.

The Course Conclusion Paper (TCC) was conceived in a perspective of social and economic transformation, also with the possibility of the student’s engagement in community activities. The FCA also provides a set of activities that the students can engage in, such as participating in student organizations. The course operates in a perspective of empowerment of the students, making them to have active role in the learning process, in order to get close to the possibility of solving real problems of society.



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