The School of Applied Sciences (FCA, for its acronym in Portuguese) was inaugurated in the city of Limeira, in the early 2009, with two main commitments: the interdisciplinarity and the application of the knowledge conveyed by it.

FCA offers six undergraduate courses in the areas of Engineering, Health and Administration:

Administration - Night, 8 semesters (180 vacancies)

Public Administration - Night, 8 semesters (60 vacancies)

Manufacturing Engineering - Full-time, 10 semesters (60 vacancies)

Production Engineering - Full-time, 10 semesters (60 vacancies)

Nutrition - Full-time, 10 semesters (60 vacancies)

Sports Science - Full-time, 8 semesters (60 vacancies)

Our undergraduate courses are based on a methodological unit that presupposes interdisciplinarity, as our project understands that interaction with the real world is not accomplished by areas of pure knowledge. In this interdisciplinary pedagogical perspective, FCA’s training process is directly associated with the permanent search for the application of knowledge and research.

Besides the specific classes of each course, our students’ training includes the Common General Nucleus (NGC) classes and the areas common nuclei classes.

The Common General Nucleus aims at pursuing humanistic training to create professionals capable of dealing with the multiple and quick changes in reality, aware of their social role and capable of intervening in society to transform it according to the needs of our time.

In the Common Health Nucleus, the classes encompass the areas of biology and collective health, substantiating the specific training of the Nutrition and Sports Sciences Courses. The set of classes of said Nucleus offers theoretical reference, methodologies and the exercise of interdisciplinarity, in order to prepare the students for professional performance, with technical skills, critical thinking and humanistic competence.

The Engineering Area Courses Nucleus aims at contributing mainly with the more technical part of professional training, participating in all courses of the College of Applied Sciences in different manners. In Education, it is accountable for the classes of the mathematics area, such as Calculation (I, II and III), Linear Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Probability and Statistics and also specific classes that include Data Enhancement, Simulation and Analysis.

The Public Administration and Administration Common Nucleus brings together classes mastered by the two courses in the areas of General Administration, Economics, Accounting and Financial Law, Operations and Quantitative Methods. Such content prepares for professional operation and present approaches, tools and practices also in an interdisciplinary manner.


Admission to the FCA undergraduate courses follows the same path as the other courses offered at Unicamp – that is, a unified process carried out by the Permanent Committee for University Admission Exams (Comvest). There are six different forms of admission, five of them aimed for people with complete High School degree and one of them for people currently enrolled in a College Education Institution.

Student’s Guide:


The calendar for all of Unicamp’s undergraduate school courses is prepared every year by the Academic Board - DAC. It specifies the period for enrolling for classes, suspended working days, school exams week, and various other events. Check out the calendar at the DAC portal (PORT-BR).



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