The Graduate Program in Science of Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism (PPG-CNEM), offers stricto sensu course at the Master’s and Doctor’s Degree. It has two focus areas and two research lines focused on the current challenges of knowledge production in the areas of Food and Nutrition, Metabolism and Physical Activity.

The courses were implemented in 2011 (Master’s degree) and 2013 (Doctor’s degree), with recommendation and recognition by CAPES. The teaching staff of the PPG-CNEM works on innovative institutional research and extension projects, in collaboration with national and international institutions, with the concern with academic excellence being one of the program’s identification signs.

The main purpose of the program is the training of masters and doctors committed to professional ethics, multidisciplinary vision, critical sense and responsibility to society and the advancement of knowledge in health. The program seeks the solid formation of human resources, highly qualified and multipliers of the exercise of teaching and research through the use of the scientific method. Also, that such professionals have intellectual independence and commitment to scientific dissemination and are able to act as critical citizens and aware of their role as healthcare professionals.

The program’s target audience is formed by professionals like nutritionists, sports scientists, physical education professionals, biologists, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, as well as human and exact sciences areas professionals who can have multidisciplinary interaction with the program’s research lines.

The selection of applicants to the master’s degree and doctor’s degree courses is made by means of annual publication notice.

Schedule of Theses Defenses and Qualifications

Schedule of Theses Defenses and Qualifications – click here


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Program Committee

Composed of professors accredited to the program, the Committee monitors and oversees the activities of the CNEM Master’s and Doctor’s Degree Program.


The Graduate Program in Science of Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism has numerous research laboratories in which professors and students bonded to the unit’s undergraduate and graduate courses develop activities.


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Syllabus Organization and Structure

Information on conditions to obtain Master’s and Doctor’s Degrees in the Graduate Program Science of Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism - CNEM.

Teaching Staff

Refer to the list of the professors accredited in the Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Science of Nutrition, Sports and Metabolism.


There are different ways to enter the graduate education programs, stricto sensu. Admissions as regular student and special student are made through selection processes, which follow the specific rules of each program. FCA’s undergraduate students can attend classes of the graduate courses through Integrated Training Program (PIF). Finally, there are financing opportunities for post-doctoral internships through grants of CAPES’ National Post-Doctoral Program (PNPD) or from other fostering agencies, such as FAPESP.

International Office:   http://www.internationaloffice.unicamp.br/

Focus Areas and Research Lines

Since its creation, the PPG-CNEM has offered a proposal of multidisciplinary study of Nutrition, aimed at training and improving professionals in different areas of knowledge bordering Nutrition. Our focus is on some specific areas of Nutrition Science, such as Clinical and Epidemiological Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Experimental Nutrition and Collective Nutrition, but it also covers the basic area, with studies focused on Physiology, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Immunology and Anatomy, as well as related areas such as Sports, not only through studies of different nutritional approaches aimed at athletes, but also studies of movement and behavior, changes in locomotor pattern and responses to physical training.



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