The Graduation Program in Administration (PPGA), which includes Master’s and Doctor’s Degree courses, trains researchers, professors and other professionals who are able to contribute at a high level to national and international scientific production and to the development of research and higher education. 

The PPGA focus area is called “Management and Sustainability”, which allows articulating the issues related to the research lines that are part of it: (a) Strategy and Management; and (b) Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The research lines aim at the production of frontier knowledge, in order to establish the academic dialogue at the excellence level. This knowledge can and should be validated in the application environment, covering regional, national and international issues. One of the differentials of this program is the quality of its teaching staff, with research bonds and collaboration with different Brazilian and foreign institutions.

Admission in the courses may be made as a regular or special student, according to specific public notices, for both Brazilian and foreign applicants.


Master’s Degree: The minimum and maximum durations for the Masters course are 12 and 30 months, respectively. To be awarded the title of Master of Administration, the student must complete a total of 26 credits, 14 of which are compulsory activities and 12 credits for elective activities.

Doctor’s Degree: The minimum and maximum durations for the Doctor’s degree course are 24 and 48 months, respectively. To be awarded the title of Doctor of Administration, the student must complete the total of 38 credits, 14 of which are compulsory activities and 24 credits for elective activities.

Syllabus Organization and Structure

Information on conditions to obtain Master’s and Doctor’s Degrees in the Graduate Program in Administration - PPGAdm.

Focus Areas and Research Lines

Description of the Program focus areas and research lines

Teaching Staff

Refer to the list of the Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Administration.


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Program Committee

Composed of professors accredited to the program, the Committee monitors and oversees the activities of the Program of Master’s and Doctor’s Degree in Administration.

Schedule of Theses Defenses and Qualifications (PORT-BR)


Requirements to be Awarded the Title

To fulfill the total credits as specified in the completion of the course and obtain the minimum performance coefficient of 2.5, as of the 2nd academic period attended, prove proficiency in a foreign language in the master’s degree and two languages in the doctor’s degree, pass the qualification exam and defense of thesis.

Information on evidencing of Foreign Language proficiency: Proficiency Tests

Information on Qualification and Thesis Defense Exams: Qualification, Thesis Defense and Approval

Assessment and Recognition

The Master’s and Doctor’s Degree in Administration course was recommended by CAPES with rate 4, according to the evaluation of the New Graduation Courses Proposals.


There are different ways to enter the graduate education programs, stricto sensu. Admissions as regular student and special student are made through selection processes, which follow the specific rules of each program. FCA’s undergraduate students can attend classes of the graduate courses through Integrated Training Program (PIF). Finally, there are financing opportunities for post-doctoral internships through grants of CAPES’ National Post-Doctoral Program (PNPD) or from other fostering agencies, such as FAPESP.

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